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  • Lead Management

    Properly managing leads is one of the core processes of any business venture, especially for firms in the tourism industry. Take your travel and tour company to the next level by using the Travdynamics lead management system. Use all the necessary fingertips and never lose sight of potential customers ever again.

    Add, Edit, and View Leads

    List all incoming leads coming from different sources to the dashboard. Add all the necessary information names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Users can also input other relevant information to know the lead better through conversations.

    Lead Assignments

    Assign your tourism B2C leads to the right agent. There are some prospects that may take more than a few sweet words to seal the deal. Use the Travdynamics lead management application to assign certain leads to the right agent for a better chance of closing sales.

    Capture All Information

    Information regarding leads is akin to the lifeblood of sales. Without the right pieces of information, agents will have nothing on their plate to entice potential customers. Let your teams take advantage of our lead management system to capture all data for all leads.

    Assign Statuses to Leads

    Leads will have different statuses depending on their interest levels. In our lead management app, users can edit and view the statuses of all leads coming from your sales campaigns. assigned, in process. Viewing the status of leads from our system helps your agents know which course of action to take.

    Lead Filtering System

    Searching for B2C tourism leads in a database can be taxing work. Cluttered systems may result in rummaging through piles of data akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Travdynamics won't let you experience such a travesty; our lead management application lets you take advantage of filtered searches.

    Convert Quotations to Invoices

    Use the Travdynamics lead management system to convert quotations to sales-inducing invoices. When a lead shows great interests in your tour and travel packages, they'll ask for an invoice for the payment they're going to make. Instead of using several hours just to make one invoice, use our system to do it for you.

  • Quotation Management

    Let Travdynamics be your one-stop solution for managing all your quotes for your tourism business. Our dashboard lets you and your agents handle all invoices and quotations without the need to go through steep learning curves. Use the Quotation Management dashboard to your advantage to allow your accounting staff generate important reports to better manage your company's finances.

    Hard Copy Requests

    Agents can print quotations and itineraries to produce hard-copy requirements from clients. All commands are easily accessible from the Quotation Management platform. Users can find, add, edit, view, and print proposals and itineraries for reports and other purposes. customers can also be found from within the CRM.

    Acquire Hotel Suggestions

    Agents can give leads hotel and lodging suggestions with the help of the Quotation Management tool from Travdynamics. Easily and quickly generate proposals to send to warm leads for a high chance of conversion. Take advantage of the dashboard to do filtered searches without having to rummage through piles of data in the process.

    Forward Itinerary Through Different Media

    Provide versatility in sending quotations and itineraries by using different media from the dashboard. Send information to leads and customers using various messaging methods like email and Whatsapp.

    Collect All Relevant Data

    Collate all pertinent information regarding quotations, invoices, and itineraries into one source. transports, travels, and vehicle information to people of concern within your company.

Our Latest Technology Driven Application Support

Lead Distribution

Administrators assign tourism leads to the right agent based on several focused factors. Ensure all leads get proper communication when you rely on our services.

Easy to Understand Reports

All activities to your campaign are laid out in graphs and tables for easy reading and understanding. Check the status of your tourism lead generation campaign anytime.

Tourism Leads Ranked

Travdynamics agents pay close attention to your leads and rank them accordingly based on certain factors. Get to know your prospects even before you closing sales.

Lead Conversion

Our expertise will lead your travel and tourism marketing campaign to new heights. Convert leads hassle-free and say goodbye to countless hours of training new employees for your marketing campaigns.

Lead Management Through Status

All leads undergo a strict process before completion. We classify each prospect to gauge their interests so you don't waste any time, money, to get in touch with them.