About Us
Discover And Enjoy Power Of Travdynamics

A complete advanced solution for total travel management and vacation planning

Travdynamics is an international travel management and itinerary solution provider located in the Sri Lanka. We are the dynamic innovators in travel industry who provide easy to use features to deliver powerful results for travel agencies and agents.

Technologically Advanced

Considered as one of the best all-in-one travel and itinerary management software providers, we have been in travel and tourism business for a long time. We know that the travel business requirements are too unique and complex for any basic software.

Our itinerary and travel CRM is build on robust tech that is based on inputs received from travel professionals. Based on the suggestions that are molded overtime, we designed a perfect and multi-purpose solution for travel experts.

Being Scalable

Each and every travel business is unique in terms of shape, size and form. Some travel organizations are small by choice, while there are other who are large by nature. Unlike most travel management solution providers, we address the needs of medium, small and large enterprises spread all around the world.

Creating Effective Communication - A Basic Key For Success

Want to stay in touch with customers on-the-go? Our inbuilt communication tools are not only easy to use but also provide an effective interaction with potential travellers, loyal customers and business partners.

Send email marketing about latest and new destinations, encourage new trips with sales, update and provide details to travellers regarding the status of their flight, providing booking confirmation, text remainders and verify if they are ready for the next trip.


Enabling intelligent and simple travel management solutions for customers.


Committed to provide and lead advanced technological transformation in travel sector.


Providing robust and simple travel management solution. Our product is designed on a strong platform and is often (continuously) updated, so that it remain abreast with changing customer demands.


Empower our clients to provide exceptional experience to travellers combined with a whole lot of variety of choices.